Bentley Williams…The biggest douche ever!

Well Brad Womack thank your lucky stars you were just saved from being the biggest douche ever on The Bachelor/Bachelorette by Bentley Williams. I mean wow I am sure he played some of it up for TV by why would you intentionally go out and make yourself look like such a douche especially to one of the sweetest girls in the franchise history. Of course knowing ABC they will bring him back to be the next bachelor assuming of course they don’t decide to go with Womack AGAIN!!!!! Well i feel sorry for Ashley and hopefully she will find someone who truly loves her not a douche trying to create a name for himself.

The Bachelor ruins a perfectly good picture

The pic below would’ve been so great if that douche bag brad wasn’t in it so I decided to do a little touch up. Michelle is probably really happy about her decision to do the mag. Ashley is probably on the fence. Chantal is probably regretting getting a rose at the final 4 cause it meant she had to be in this photo shoot. Seriously she may be on suicide watch. But as you know from the last post Chantal is more then ok in my book for slapping Brad in the first episode. I may be cynical but maybe this was Brads ultimate payback and unfortunately he might have gotten the last laugh.