Brad and Emily Officially OVER!

Just reporting that its officially over eventhough its been coming for a while and i suspect Brad will be a bachelor for a third time. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Not!

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Brad and Emily on the outs…SHOCKER!!!!!

Not really!!!! As anyone who watches The Bachelor knows these relationships never work out. There are a number of reason but #1 on the list is that most of the bachelors turn out to be huge D bags and most of the girls are just on TV to get their 15 minutes of fame. Doesn’t that sound like the recipe to starting a meaningful lasting relationship? So as totally expected Emily revealed last night that the wedding is on hold and she wouldn’t move to be with Brad. I love how Brad acts like there is actually a chance to make this relationship work. Hey D Bag wake up this girl is gonna break up with you for good any day now. Then both you guys will be on magazines talking about why it didn’t work and hopefully in two weeks we will never have to see you again. (crosses fingers) Another terrible season in the bag!!!

P.S. Congrats Ashley being named the next Bachelorette now you get to sift through 20 more douchebags!