Jason You Still SUCK!!!

Due to the overwhelming support for the site I have decided to give some updates of what we have learned in the past few days since we realized how bad Jason Sucks.

– He didnt have to propose on the final episode.

– It wasnt a set up by the producers, he really is that big of a douche.

– He didn’t have to break up with Melissa on national TV even though he said he did. He pretty much blamed the producers for everything because he is a spineless coward.

– he still sucks and it seems most people agree

Feel free to add your own in the comments and thanks for the support.

I must really SUCK!!!!
I must really SUCK!!!!

Tell Jason Mesnick how much he sucks!!!

Jason Mesnick this site is dedicated to showing you how bad you suck for what you did to the wonderful beautiful Melissa. We are sure you already know but i had to create this site so everyone out there could tell you how bad you really suck. Hopefully you dont treat Molly (although she is dumb for being with you) nearly as bad as you did Melissa . I cant wait to hear what your ex has to say about you tonight. Hopefully she outs you for the loser that you are. Everyone out there please feel free to comment and tell Jason HOW BAD HE SUCKS!!!!!!!