Tell Jason Mesnick how much he sucks!!!

Jason Mesnick this site is dedicated to showing you how bad you suck for what you did to the wonderful beautiful Melissa. We are sure you already know but i had to create this site so everyone out there could tell you how bad you really suck. Hopefully you dont treat Molly (although she is dumb for being with you) nearly as bad as you did Melissa . I cant wait to hear what your ex has to say about you tonight. Hopefully she outs you for the loser that you are. Everyone out there please feel free to comment and tell Jason HOW BAD HE SUCKS!!!!!!!

4,123 Replies to “Tell Jason Mesnick how much he sucks!!!”

  1. You don’t dump a gal on national television that you said you love less than six weeks earlier, whether she sensed or knew it was happening. No way did she expect for it to be on television. Shame on Jason. It is not even a matter of following your heart, or letting your heart lead you. It’s about what’s right, and what’s wrong. It’s completely wrong for American to watch the break up.

  2. Jason is the ultimate douche for what he did. He sucks worse than the economy right now and we all know how bad that is.

  3. Who does this guy think he is? You can’t say you’re in love with one woman and then just toss her aside for “the real connection” and on national TV nonetheless. You should be ashamed of yourself!!! You Suck Jason Mesnick!!!

  4. Jason is lucky he didn’t try to pull that crap with me. I might have just dropped him with a right hand slap right there on national tv and then he should’ve cried like he did when Molly left in the final show

  5. Not much to say…I have vented enough about this whole sham of a show.
    All I will say is Jason…..that was in VERY POOR taste. I know you said you are just living your life but there were soo many other ways you could have handled this situation like a gentleman and with tact….which you did not.
    Your Bachelor show was an eye opener for me to do use my time more wisely on Monday nights for 2 hours other than watching the Bachelor.
    For that I say thank you 🙂

  6. Don’t blame Jason. The show is phony and I know firsthand. I have worked with Bachelor executive producers Mike Fleiss on Who wants to Marry a millionaire and Lisa Levinson on the Jerry Springer Show. They are known in the business as the King and Queen of fake reality TV. Even the Tirsta and Ryan marriage was phony. Originally Trista chose Charlie, but after The NY Post reported it, Mike and LIsa reshot the show and had Trista choose Ryan instead. The Bachelor is completely phony and needs to be boycotted

  7. Jason keeps saying that “he had to break up with her on tv” and “i have to follow my heart” and I get that but come on, why did you have to humiliate Melissa in front of EVERYONE!!!!

  8. What a douchebag. Just look at his phony smile. What a loser! I feel bad for his confused kid. Daddys a whore! =(


  10. You RULE Jason!!!

    Did she really think she was going to find true love on TV? Pffft!

    After 13 seasons and hundreds of bimbos getting dumped on TV why does she think she gets to be special?

    Her dumping was no different than any of the others that came before her.

    Thanks for making season #13 the BEST BACHELOR EVER!!!

    I don’t care if it was scripted or real. I was the most entertained EVER by this series.

    THANK YOU….you rule!

  11. 1st thats fine you don’t have feelings for Melissa you made a mistake, whatever I am sure that whole filming reality life is bizarre and things changed, however you could have been a lot classier. Presenting the break-up as a joint decision instead of cry baby Jason running to the producers to tell them it won’t work. whatanass whatanass whatanass. Nobody gives a flying eff that you changed your mind about Molly. whatasass whatanass whatanass. Thats all I can say. I wan’t to be happy truthful etc etc you could be all those things you could have dumped Melissa and found your way back to Molly in a much classier way. I have never been so disgusted by a reality fame whour in my life. Keep in mind there is lost of low classy reality TV types. echh. Notice how the crybaby of the year didn’t cry at all during after the rose part 1 and 2. WHY? I am so sick of hearing how you had to be true to yourself. YOU SUCK and so does Molly for taking you back. Melissa you dodged a bullet TRUST. If you say you have no regrets again, Melissa should put a hit out on you. Seriously Seriously!!!!

  12. Jason: Seek Counseling! You are a JERK!! You are still a little boy who doesn’t know what he wants! Poor Ty to have such a bad role model. What the H were you thinking?? After being divorced once you think you would be a little smarter!! You should have never put that ring on Melissa’s finger you Bast*rd!! Maybe this will help you think things through the next time you decide to propose! I can only hope! Good Luck! I honestly hope someday you do become a man with a heart but right now America thinks you’re scum!!!

  13. Immature, selfish and the worst asshole ever! He probably was seeing or talking to Molly while he was with Melissa so he is a cheater on top of that.
    Worst of all he probably doesn’t even have a clue of how shameful his act was. The genuinely believes he did the right thing! I have always wanted to see the face of a loser, I mean a THE ONE. Its done, thanks Jason.

  14. He does suck. Nice example for his son Ty. Poor Ty will now always be known as the kid with the dad who “sucks”…… connect the dots. His first wife dumped him, Melissa’s parents refuse to meet or be seen with him in TV, he got dissed (deserved it) from the first bachelorette, and now his grand finale with Melissa. What ever happens with the dirtbag and Molly…. well, good luck to them. It will last a week, and then he will pull his same ole, same ole,……….. In talking to my 3 sons, I use this guy as an exampleof what NEVER to do to a woman. He ranks uo there with Michael Vick, and Barry Bonds.

  15. you people are idiots who gives a shit, reality TV is fake this was set up by the producers, he got paid to fake whatever he did, he probably is gay in real life. The producers are making money off of your stupidity.

  16. Just because of you going along with the producers in this it is time for the Bachelor series to SLEEP WITH THE FISHES!

  17. Ok, Jason, i started really liking you and falling for the whole single-dad Sleepless in Seattle thing, but, now I think you suck! Shame on you for what you did to yourself, your son, your family, and Melissa. Mollie is a witchy woman, I believe she bewitched you with those eyes. She planted that seed, that doubt from the minute you rejected her, and it grew on you until you had to get her back. That last look she gave you before you closed the limo door was like a female Damien-style look that was a little too weird. It won´t last. Especially with all the attention your rejection of Melissa is causing! I´m still waiting for your ex to come out and tell the truth about you, too. Can you imagine what life will be like for your son, Ty, with your Bachelor reputation? Poor kid will not be able to live it down in his lifetime. Also, spend some time with the kid! Have you ever taught him how to throw a frisbee???

  18. If Jason Mesnick is looking for love, then perhaps he should not have chosen two 25 year old girls for the final rose ceremony, especially considering the fact that he is not only older, but divorced and with a child as well. It was foolish and irresponsible of him to believe that after the cameras are off and the helicopter rides and trips to New Zealand are over, he would be able to maintain a “real” relationship with either of these women. It has become quite clear that the show has the ability to sweep not only the potential suitors off their feet, but the bachelors and bachelorettes as well, which gives all those involved a false and somewhat delusional sense of intense feelings and love for one another. One would think that Jason in particular, with a BA in psychology, would have come to this realization, however, given the outcome of this past 13th season, he clearly has not, which sadly only highlights his true lack of emotional and intellectual maturity. It is evident that while he lacks in maturity, he more than makes up for it, by using his astounding ability to mask and deflect the down right appalling nature of his actions through the use of guilty facial expressions, wherever appropriate and by relentlessly repeating such statements as “I followed my heart” and “I did what’s best for everyone”. His use of facial expressions almost made me press info on my remote to make sure I wasn’t really watching Days of our Lives. And seriously, lets be real, if you really listen to his relentless rambling about how he followed his heart and Melissa has every right to be mad and he excepts blame and blah blah blah, it makes you wonder, is he saying all this for Melissa or is he really just saying everything to uphold that false “perfect guy” image, and you must admit, even Melissa gave off the impression that she’s not buying it anymore, which was made kind of obvious by her blow off “yeah, yeah, yeah” responses, accented by the “I’m not even listening to your bulls**t” tone. Its disturbing, how fickle Jason’s love for these women really is (3 women in two shows), perhaps it might be time to grow up and stop running around chasing young girls, that without the help of a television show, wouldn’t even let you buy them a drink. Lastly, one piece of advice… learn another “move” because the whole lean in for a kiss when you have nothing to say move, that you pathetically repeated over and over and over, really came off as lame and actually gave everyone a glimpse as to why you might be divorced and single in the first place.

  19. My Prediction: Jason and Molly will last a bit longer then he did with Melissa, simply because Molly was overjoyed that he broke it off with Melissa for her, meaning she got exactly what she wanted and because Jason was overjoyed with the fact that Molly actually still wanted him back, meaning he got exactly what he wanted. Now, these feelings of joy within them will keep them riding high for a little while, but of course, feelings like this don’t last forever and when they fade, so will their relationship.
    Great site by the way! Hilarious! This guy is a cheese head and he should know it.
    Feel free to email me your thoughts on my posts to


  21. Jason, You are a classless prick. I cannot believe you had the nerve to use the word “integrity”, seeing as you have none. Good Riddance, Shorty.

  22. Jason,

    What a jerk you are! Seriously, Melissa is soooooooooooooooo much better off without you. I watched you on the Bachelor and liked you a ton. You always seemed so sincere and loving and loyal. You are not the prize everyone thinks. What you did to Melissa is absolutely selfish and unkind. If those are the choices you make in your romantic life, I feel sorry for your son and the choices you will make for him. Good riddance! I hope you get your heart broken again because that’s what you deserve!

  23. Jason, you are the ultimate slimeball. I always thought you were a sweet sensitive guy. After watching your season of the bachelor, I realize you are just an overgorwn adolescent. What you did bu lying to Melissaabout having contact with Molly is unthinkable. Emotional cheating is still cheating. You singlehandedly destroyed any chance at a future with melissa. To make matters even worse, after lying to her and dumping her, you couldn’t wait 5 minutes to play tonsil hockey with Molly. Both of you are sleazebags and deserve each other. Melissa said it best… you’re a bast@rd.

  24. You suck because you don’t really love either one of these women. You are maybe attached to Molly a bit more, but if you really loved someone you could never walk away from them and propose to someone else, nor could you cancel and engagement. You should never be allowed near a jewler again! If you think what you were feeling was real, then you need to grow up my friend, because it was lust you were feeling not love, I doubt you know what romantic love looks like

  25. My kids go to the same school molly did. She is as phony as they come. This engagement won’t last 2 months. And yes, Jason likes penis.

  26. Jason is 32????????? In Jason years that must mean 14!
    Middle School boys act more mature.
    Molly will go to great lengths for 15 minutes of fame!
    Melissa should celebrate her freedom

  27. otis,
    I had that suspision that Jason did like them, a little of this and a little of that. But your best comment was in reference to Molly. I agree she is as phony as they come, and oh my those buggy, freaky eyes scare me! But to see Jason the toad and Molly full mouth kissing minutes after he dumps Melissa was enough to make me sick. Jason you need mental health! Also why did he cry every week and after he dumps Melissa …..then no tears, scripted is the answer.

  28. Words alone cannot describe what a disappointment Jason turned out to be. It sickens me that he could be so insensitive to Melissa. At yet, he’s STILL trying to cover his ass… doesn’t he realize that his colossal failure cannot be righted? It’s too late for that now. Poor Ty, he has an unethical Dad & a very bad role model.

  29. I agree Jason sucks. This whole thing must be totally humilating for him though and if I was him I’d be sad for having the entire world hate on me. What’s more sad is that he keeps trying to justify his actions. Molly keeps using the excuse basically that one can be selfish when it comes to love. She must have no friends who love her then as love is not selfish and both of them are being totally selfish. They’ll try to make their rel’ship last to proove to us that they’re so meant to be but it won’t work. Jason will eventually get bitter towards her since we all know darn well she intitated contact with him while he was with Melissa and I”m sure she doesn’t want to be associated with a man who isn’t exactly the most loved person right now. I just feel bad for both of them for sucking and not even knowing it!! Melissa – you rock! He did you a HUGE favour! And remember Molly – you lose ’em where you find ’em!!!!!

  30. You all are a little disturbed that you can come and post with such anger at someone you have never met either.

    Its a tv show for entertainment.

    You that say how sad it is that Ty’s dad is known for blah blah blah – are making it so by continueing to post such rubbish

  31. Jason never changed his mind, it was Molly from the tent and the producers forced him to go on with this scam!

    Andy Baldwin, Andrew Firestone and Ryan Sutter pretty much confirmed that the bachelors are pressured to pick certain girls and Jason is a spineless sissy who could not stand up to them. Jason seems to think the negative feelings will die down soon but they never will. Wherever he goes for the rest of his life he will be reminded that he is a coward. It could have been so easy. They could have left the edit exactly the same until the proposal and had him give Molly the ring, and it would be fine. I wonder if Molly getting the ring was part of the Deal? It will be interesting to see if Molly jumps ship when she realizes everyone knows the truth. The producers really don’t care about anyone and love to misrepresent people in the most negative light. It was ALWAYS about Molly. Jason did not change his mind. The crying scene on the balcony is SOOO FAKE!

  32. Molly & Jason need to disappear from the public spotlight. Melissa has moved past this mess. The more they go on shows acting all innocent, the more people get mad. ABC needs to pull the plug on these two losers.

  33. I’m glad Jason did not pick my fav girl because he is not worthy of her. No wonder his first wife left him… cause he’s a loser and he sucks. This is why he was alone raising his kid… who deserves a better male role model. Jason will not be happy, he’ll be miserable and eventually bring misery to his most recent pick. It’s kinda funny actually… the bachelor/bachelorette series have little success in the long run, so why do we keep watching. we should tune out.

  34. Fuk da batsaaard!!! da asshole!! he broke melissas heart!! of all people since he was heartbrokend!! he did it!!

    fuk u!! hopefully ull die u and dat slut MOLLY shes so ugly!

    kool Melissa is better now!!
    shes in dancing with the stars!

  35. Arrogant, insensitive ASS! You definitely deserve a swift kick in the face! You have got to be the douchiest phony we’ve ever had on the bachelor (and there have been quite a few!).

  36. I think Jay Leno said it all. He did a skit where he tossed Jason off the balcony for his annoying crying scenes.

    Jason and Molly will be forever known as the most annoying, cheap publicity seeking couple in Bachelor’s history!
    Jillian and Melissa plus the rest of the girls were blessed to be refused by this boozo!

  37. Jason got with both women. That isn’t right. Pick one and be committed to one. Melissa is interesting and sweet enough to make a relationship work. But Jason was stuck on Molly and it wouldn’t matter whether Melissa and him had the right communication styles or chemistry…He “just gave up” (mel’s words) for a reason. Another woman on his mind.

  38. what r u ??? oh oops i forgot STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    melissa is cool and molly is ok i guess. please if you are reading this click on

  39. what r u ??? oh oops i forgot STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    melissa is cool and molly is ok i guess. please if you are reading this click on or click on my name

  40. What a terd! Even worse are the women that made him think that he is the shit. He should have been grateful that someone like Melissa would give him the time of day! The whole crying thing got on my last nerve-MAN UP! And then he started thinking that he was God’s gift-when let’s face it, he looks CRAZY! Hope Molly comes to her senses and bitch slaps him!

  41. jason, you just completely blow. your disgusting, and im so happy that this kid made this site so i could tell you how much you blow. Melissa is so pretty and molly looks like a rat. No offence or anything, but Molly is annoyying and I heard through the grapevine that she smells. Well I guess you and Molly make the perfect lil couple. I cant wait till you guys break up, gonna be fabuloso!
    <3333 jason, you completely suck. and your not even attractive. get a nose job, seriously, you look like a bird.
    sincerely, your #1 enemyyyy 🙂

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