Jason You Still SUCK!!!

Due to the overwhelming support for the site I have decided to give some updates of what we have learned in the past few days since we realized how bad Jason Sucks.

– He didnt have to propose on the final episode.

– It wasnt a set up by the producers, he really is that big of a douche.

– He didn’t have to break up with Melissa on national TV even though he said he did. He pretty much blamed the producers for everything because he is a spineless coward.

– he still sucks and it seems most people agree

Feel free to add your own in the comments and thanks for the support.

I must really SUCK!!!!
I must really SUCK!!!!

6,497 Replies to “Jason You Still SUCK!!!”

  1. how freakin hypocritical are you Jason?! You freaked out at DeAnna for her “letting you get down on your knee,” but you did someting 100X worset than that to Melissa!! How dare you?! You are a freakin douche bag, always have been and always will be the #1 Douche of teh WORLD!!! YOU SUCK!

  2. Jason you are such a freakin idiot! how could you do that to melissa.. you are the biggest skeez ball ever to walk the face of this earth! I never thought that I would not like you but now i pretty much hate your existence! You dont deserve anyone if your gonna treat them like that! why dont you cry some more you little dirtbag!

  3. alright jason. i just have one question, how do you justify what you did?? you are the most hypocritical person EVER!!! first of all ty didnt even like molly at first (which im sure you convinced him to like her.. or told him to say it on camera.. )and you kept saying you couldnt be with anyone who didnt click with him. uhhh? second, molly, GIRL how do you know that jason isnt gonna do the SAME thing to you that he did to mellissa in 6 weeks? do we need to call the producers to set up another “after after the rose” so he can break up with you on camera too? or maybe he’ll have enough respect for you to do it in privacy. good luck with that relationship molls. ALSO jason, you said yourself that molly was WAY focused on her job.. shes gonna be GREAT mother.. OH WAIT.

  4. As much as I agree that both their behavior was indeed sucky, and obviously they don’t even realize what they have done, and the fact that the majority of the world agrees that it was uncool how they handled it (dumping Mel on national TV, making out with Mollykins 2 minutes later). As much as we keep telling them they suck, it doesn’t matter, they just “don’t get” what they did. They keep telling us they did what they had to do. Apparently they don’t care about the consequences for acting in the manner they did which is unfortunate for Ty if that’s how he’s going to be brought up. “Ty, do what’s right for you, no matter if you hurt others in the process, as long as it’s right for you”. Jason and Molly do not have a clue why we’re all so angry about how he handled this whole thing, we’re most likely wasting our time. Although I realize it feels good to be able to have a place to tell them how we feel even if they can’t comprehend it.

  5. way to go bitch. how could u? mellisa is hot molly is godd to but you are worse than chris brown to rihanna!!!! WTF?!

  6. When I started watching this Bachelor I did so while listening to alot of negative input from my family. They said it’s not real, scripted, no one ever gets married or stays it, together. BUT, I told them THIS GUY was different having seen him so cruelly jilted on The Bachlorette, I too was “in love” with Jason. WOW, was I wrong. He just might be the worst one of the bunch. Not necessasy to propose to Melissa if he was having ANY doubts, not necessary to break up with her on television, although at first he lied and said it was contractual, we all know different now. And the very thought that he and Molly were seeing each other during the time that he was attempting to “make it work out” with Melissa, makes my stomach turn! Mollys just as devious and out for blood as Jason is.
    Maybe Melissa will recover quickly as she has been asked to perform on dancing with the stars. I hope she kicks butt, while miserable Jason and Molly watch from home.
    I had an extreme misconception about you, Jason, you are no better that some of the dawgs that I am constantly chasing away from my beautiful daughter. They only want what they can’t have……and when they get it, their done. That’s you, get in the mirror!!

  7. I think Jason is the worst ever! He didnt have to propose to Melissa if he was so torn and confused. I think Melissa was so genuine in her moments. It especially bothers me that Jason is a single parent and he cant even make one decision and follow it thru! What kind of example are you for your son? Guess now we know what really happened in your first marriage! As for Molly, girl you get what you get….karma is a bitch!

  8. Jason…you do suck! I hope Molly comes to her senses and dumps you. FYI…you two won’t last so do her a favor and cut if off now. If I have to see you on one more talk show telling us you had to follow your heart and your head I’m going to scream! And whats this crap about being with your best friend. Isn’t that what the Canadian girl wanted and you dumped her because you said you weren’t looking for a best friend? Oh boy….you irk me!!!

  9. Jason cried because he really didn’t want to break up with Molly in the first place. He lead Melissa on in the worst way.

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